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Pioneer is excited to announce our partnership with rentals in western Canada! Terramac rubber tracked crawler carriers can access areas wheeled vehicles can only dream of – all with minimal impact on the environment. Terramac’s endless attachment options available for a variety of applications, Terramac machines change the landscape of job sites across numerous industries.

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Terramac RT6

Terramac RT6-closed-cab equipment page
Weight 17,880 lbs
Payload 12,000 lbs
Dimensions L 16’10” W 8’2” H 9’6”
Displacement Cummins 275 cu
Ground Pressure 3.2 psi

Terramac RT9

Terramac RT9 product image
Weight 26,180 lbs
Payload 18,000 lbs
Dimensions L 19’6” W 8’3” H 9’11”
Displacement Cummins 408 cu
Ground Pressure 3.8 psi

Terramac RT14

Terramac RT14 product image
Weight 34,260 lbs
Payload 28,000 lbs
Dimensions L 20’6” W 9’8” H 10’5”
Displacement Cummins 408 cu
Ground Pressure 4.9 psi
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Operated Services

After fifteen years of beating the bush and floating through half the rivers in the north, we've learned that as great as our equipment is - sometimes clients need to have seasoned operators to accompany the machines. Most important is their need for qualified, professional and competent operators who can take the burden of care and maintenance while they focus on the job at hand.

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Our customers can access hundreds of off-road machines and of course we service, repair and can add special accessories for almost every situation. Sometimes our customers have their own fleet – that’s not a problem – we can service, repair and support their entire fleet from branches across western Canada.

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