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About Us

On the edge of Northern Alberta Pioneer broke ground with a spirit of adventure. We established the organisation to support explorers in oil and gas, forestry, mining and building pipelines and transmission corridors where traditional vehicles had difficulty accessing. Our business began where the road ended!

With a support centre in Edmonton and branch operations throughout Northern B.C. and Alberta, Pioneer has access points for most of Western Canada – while we service explorers on the edge of civilization across Canada! From the Maritimes to the high northern Arctic, Pioneer has off-road vehicles of almost every shape and size and over the years we’ve built a fleet of hundreds of quads, ATV’s, Sleds, Argos, and tracked machinery to haul just about anything anywhere.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission: to explore!

Quite simply we see great promise in the untouched, the uncommonly difficult to access, the swampy back roads and cut lines of every nook and cranny of Canadian forest and even the frozen tundra of a wind swept valley in the high north!

The smell of the forest or the icy fresh air in a blizzard makes our heart pound with excitement! This is who we are! Rough, rugged and untouched terrain drives our ambition to press on further down a narrow goat trail to uncover opportunity. We are the original Pioneers and can help you well beyond where the road ends.

  • We support teams who need to access the inaccessible! Training and guiding them through the requirements to select the right all-terrain vehicle, support equipment, and operating procedures alongside some friendly advice because more than likely we’ve been there! In the area or close by – so we know what to expect and how to prepare for the unexpected!
  • We are motor heads – we love to gear up, gear down, modify and build and rebuild as we prepare the equipment to get your team into the deep forest, press well beyond a swampy bog or haul a crew and equipment to the farthest corners of the Canadian North. Selecting the right trailer, tread, or track is as important as the directions to the destination and with our help, and maybe some specialized training, we’ll get you and your team to the middle of nowhere!
  • We get a buzz every time we start that engine and understand power, performance and how to wade through even the roughest terrain with torque, traction and the gear to make sure you arrive safely.


Canada’s north country can be challenging and not all of our customers are comfortable on every machine we rent. That's why we provide both in-person and online training on every unit we sell, alongside special safety training that can support our customers no matter what terrain they encounter. Individual online training can be completed at your own pace, or in-person group training can be arranged for a date and location of your convenience.

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Our Commitment To Safety

There is nothing more important to Pioneer than keeping you safe when you head out into the wilderness. That’s why we offer safety training courses and we make sure we practice what we tell our customers and keep our employees safe too by staying up-to-date and certified with the major safety regulators in our industry.

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