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Nodwell carriers excel in navigating challenging terrains, offering access to remote job sites. Designed for diverse environments, these carriers are suitable for applications like forestry, construction, and exploration.

Known for robust construction, Nodwell carriers handle heavy equipment and materials, enhancing productivity. Tracked undercarriage minimizes ground impact, ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. Nodwell models support attachments, allowing tailoring to specific tasks in various industries.

These carriers provide stability on uneven terrain, ensuring safety and efficient workflow. Nodwell prioritizes operator well-being with ergonomic controls, spacious cabs, and advanced safety features. Renting a Nodwell Tracked Carrier offers a cost-effective option for short-term projects, providing access to reliable machinery without long-term commitment.


The All-Track AT-80HD is a rugged, dependable and robust tracked all-terrain vehicle capable of traversing a wide variety of ever changing terrain conditions. With features like a heavy duty walking beam suspension, 33″ d-dent tracks and powerful hydro-static drive system, the AT-80HD suits virtually any industry where remote access is crucial. The 5 person crew cab is ideal for work-site transportation.

All Track AT80
Weight 18,500 lbs / 8,400 kg
Payload 12,000 lbs / 5,443 kg
Dimensions L: 251" x H: 108" x W: 102"
Displacement John Deere 6068H 185 HP
Ground Pressure 1.8 PSI

Track C6060 Digger Derrick

Features include: platform with insulated liner, 14,000 lbs 2-speed digger, 15,000 lbs turret mounted winch, 30,000 lbs front-mounted hydraulic winch, radial mounted outriggers, spring loaded hydraulic hose reel and a transferable pole claws machine.

Weight 25,728 lbs / 11,670 kg
Payload 34,000 lbs / 15,422 kg
Dimensions L: 240” x H: 118” x W: 119”
Ground Pressure 177g/cm2
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Canada’s north country can be challenging and not all of our customers are comfortable on every machine we rent. That's why we provide both in-person and online training on every unit we sell, alongside special safety training that can support our customers no matter what terrain they encounter. Individual online training can be completed at your own pace, or in-person group training can be arranged for a date and location of your convenience.

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Our Commitment To Safety

There is nothing more important to Pioneer than keeping you safe when you head out into the wilderness. That’s why we offer safety training courses and we make sure we practice what we tell our customers and keep our employees safe too by staying up-to-date and certified with the major safety regulators in our industry.

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