Trailering Training Course

Pioneer Offroad rentals provides professional trailering training to students in Alberta regularly though one our training centers located in Athabasca, Bonnyville, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Grande Prairie. On-site training courses can be booked to suit your schedule and can help to reduce travel costs for larger groups at work-sites.


Trailering Training Course

Length Of Course: 3 – 4 hours

The Pioneer Offroad Rentals Trailering Course provides both in class and practical field training surrounding trailer use. Students learn how to properly maneuver trailers up to 8 metres in length, as well as enhance their driving skill and awareness through a one hour classroom session and 2-3 hours hands on in-vehicle session.

Classroom session includes:

  • Proper hitching and pulling procedures
  • Safe cargo loading and off-loading procedures
  • Information on equipment and personal safety
  • Securing the load properly on a trailer
  • Backing up procedures and spotter hand signals
  • Provincial regulations

On-road evaluation includes:

  • A one hour drive in an urban or rural setting.
  • Instructor will observe and evaluate a wide range of driving behaviours.

In-vehicle skills session includes:

  • Skills training (serpentine, backing, turning, mirror usage) activities with instructor
  • Backing procedures, evaluation and coaching with instructor

Please note that there is a 2:1 client – instructor ratio rate for the above course. Your employee(s) will need to provide their own truck, a regular cab is acceptable for just one student, if there are two students an extended cab or crew cab truck is required.

Check our training calendar for the next available training date.