• Morooka MST600 Rubber Tracked Carrier

    A New..Smaller…Addition To The Morooka Rubber Tracked Carrier/Dump Bed Rental Fleet

    The Morooka MST-600VD rubber tracked  is now available for rental in Canada. This vehicle features a flat dump bed with tailgate, low impact rubber track system, and 8,378 lbs max load rating. For further information contact your nearest Pioneer Offroad Rentals Branch today. To view all our tracked carriers click here.

  • Morooka Rubber Tracked Dump Bed Carrier Rentals at Pioneer Offroad Rentals

      Pioneer Offroad Rentals is excited to announce 5 additions to our rental offerings. The Morooka MST-3000VD, MST 2200VDR, MST2200VD, MST1500VD and MST800VD. For specifications and further details regarding each model Click Here. Morooka rubber tracked dump bed carriers are well know in the industry for their reliability and ease of operation. The Morooka’s rubber track…

  • Pioneer Offroad Rentals Calgary Branch Closure

    Date: July 21, 2016 To: Our Valued Customers and Vendors From: Pioneer Offroad Rentals Re: Calgary Branch Closure Please be advised, Due to the current economic climate and demand levels in the Calgary area Pioneer Offroad Rentals will regrettably be closing its Calgary location effective July 21, 2016. Pioneer Offroad Rentals has decided to re-allocate…

  • Pioneer Offroad Rentals Fort McMurray Operations Update

    Pioneer Offroad Rentals would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all those impacted by the fires of Fort McMurray and area. As a company with operations in Fort McMurray we would like to collectively thank the responders who coordinated the safe evacuation of our employees and their families. We would also like to thank…

  • New Commercial ARGO training Course

    Our new Commercial Argo Operator Training Course is available at each of our 5 locations across Alberta including Athabasca, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville. Pioneer Offroad Rentals can also come to your worksite.

  • Pioneer Oilfield Rentals ULC Aquires EZ Solutions Rentals

    We are pleased to announce that effective December 18, 2014 the operations and business of EZ Solution Rentals was acquired by Pioneer Oilfield Rentals ULC. The continuing operations is now operating under the new name of Pioneer Sanitary Solutions a division of Pioneer Oilfield Rentals ULC (Pioneer) immediately. As with any organization the people involved…

  • 5 Advantages to Using an Argo in the Winter

    The Argo is the ideal unit when navigating through a Canadian winter. A tracked Argo can safely travel over deep snow, carry your equipment, and your crew. 5 advantages that make the Argo a necessary tool on your site this winter: It carries multiple passengers. The typical snowmobile is not equipped for more than 1…

  • Rental Online!

    Pioneer now offers you the option of placing a rental request online! The new Rental Request form allows you to pick from our full range of equipment at your convenience. Your request will be forwarded to the branch of your choice and will be followed-up with a confirmation phone call within 2 business hours. Pioneer…

  • 8 Tips to Manage Your Argo in Water

    The argo is designed to be amphibious, but safely operating the unit in water requires a skilled operator. Due to numerous water related argo incidents this year, Pioneer has compiled a short list of 8 tips to help you safely manage an argo in water. Get Training! Pioneer’s Argo Water Training course teaches operators how to…

  • Drive It Like Your Grampa

    What is the number one thing you need to know about avoiding down time when using an Argo? The answer is simple: Keep your speed down, especially when there are potential hidden hazards. “Drive it like your Grampa” is a humorous reminder often heard in Pioneer’s Argo Training classes. Unnecessary damage to off-road equipment, such…

  • 6 Ways to Save Your Argo Pucks

    Argo Slider Blocks (commonly referred  to as Pucks) are an integral part of the Argo’s Slider-Chain Take Up System, and play a large role in insuring that your Argo is working properly. By paying more attention to puck wear, customers have reduced their down time, due to puck damage, by 50%. Pioneer has compiled a list of…

  • Recreational Off- Highway Vehicles (ROV) Safety Rules

    Pioneer Rentals is a big supporter of safe machine operations. We stand behind the rules and regulations of organizations like CSC, ASC and ROV. The following ROV safety rules focus on safe and responsible ROV use, and were developed to help drivers and passengers avoid crash and injuries. Always wear a helmet and other protective…



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