“No task is so important, no schedule so urgent, that the job cannot be done safely”

Pioneers’ commitment to health and safety starts at our locations and projects out to the communities where we operate. The ultimate goal is to ensure that we protect ourselves and others from injury. Pioneer Offroad is committed to the objective of a Health and Safety program that will reduce injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best practices of operations similar to our own. The goal is of course zero incidents and injuries.

The following are some of the initiatives incorporated into our program:

  1. Written health and safety plan appropriate to the needs of our staff
  2. Ongoing discussion of injury prevention issues with staff which includes their participation to the process
  3. Ongoing process of identifying not only hazards but hazards controls to put in place
  4. Developed an internal review process for changes and improvements to our program
  5. COR certificate of recognition to demonstrate that our program meets industry standards.
  6. Working in conjunction with partnership for injury reductions
  7. Continuous development of HSE strategies to aid in a safe work environment
  8. HSE programs independently monitored through third party audit sites such as: