Accessories Rental Information


Pioneer Offoad Rentals offers a wide range of accessories to meet your offroad needs. Accessories available include Argo emergency tool bags, satellite phones, skimmers for snowmobiles, ice augers, tub trailers, safety equipment and helmets.


Argo Emergency Tool Bag

Pioneer’s water-proof Argo Emergency Tool Bag allow you to deal with the unexpected challenges that field work presents. Such things as throwing a track, flat tires, or chain issues. This tool kit, together with our knowledgeable mechanical staff, can get you out of most difficult situations.


Iridium Satellite Phone Rental

Iridium satellite phones and products are supported by the only truly global communications network, with coverage of the entire Earth.

Iridium’s second-generation satellite phone, the 9505A, offers proven reliability and industrial-grade design for industrial and rugged outdoor conditions anywhere on the planet.

Daily/$29 Weekly/$150 Monthly/$450

Note: All calls will be charged at a rate of $2.99/minute


Skimmer Rental Information

Perfect for carrying supplies and hauling equipment, skimmers are the snowmobiler’s best option.

Tough, lightweight and flexible, skimmers go where you go and haul whatever you’ve got.

  • off-trail or cross-country hauling
  • all weather rescue
  • touring and winter camping
  • heavy duty freighting


Ice Auger Rental Information

Intended to lighten work load when digging holes for fence poles, deck footers or even ice fishing.

Features superior power and mechanical strength to cut through roots and remove small rocks that would hinder any manual digger. Multiple bit options offer maximum flexibility


Tub Trailer Rentals

Need more cargo capacity? This durable tag along doubles the cargo capacity of an Argo. Made of lightweight aluminum, this sturdy and durable unit offers you up to 1000 lbs of extra cargo space, floatation tires (enabling the unit to be towed through water), and tire down bars.